Lokate Me Help

How do I create a business list?

  • On the Homepage click on the Register  button
  • Select user type as vendor and supply all the required details
  • Click the register button 
  • Upon successful registration you will be directed to your profile page
  • Select my campany tab on your left and complete details about your business or service. 
  • Remember to input your google coordinates and company logo. 
  • After completing the necessary details, click the register button on the bottom right of the screen. 
  • You will need to wait 24hrs for your company to be activated by the admin after satisfactory verification. 
  • For any problem email hello@golokateme.com

How do I claim my business?

Claim your business to improve reviews and social interactions on your business profile. Whether you are editing or creating a new listing, you should also consider "claiming" the business listing. This identifies you as the person responsible for the listing and prevents other LokateMe users from editing your listing in the future. If your business has already been claimed by someone else, or if you have any other questions, please Contact Us immediatley.

Learn how to claim your business:

  • Visit Lokateme homepage
  • First search for your business to ensure its already listed
  • If listed, send us an email to hello@golokateme.com with business name, location and description. 
  • We verify your claim and contact you with further information on the next steps to take to claim your business.

How to Find Businesses?

First Method

  • On the search bar on the homepage or at the top of any page on golokateme.com
  • Type the name of a business you are looking for
  • Choose a category and location on the second and third text box for more precise results
  • Click Search
  • If the business you need is part of the list 
  • Select the Get Me There button beside the listing
  • This will open a new page with the business description, contact details and a get direction map
  • Selecting the Get Direction button will open a new tab with google map of the selected business
  • You now can enter your current location and let google map get you directions to the business via multiple routes and transport options. 

Second Method

  • Select Business menu from the homepage
  • Select Advanced search sub menu from the left
  • Supply as much inforamtion you know about the business
  • Click submit button