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Photography – Inspiring Journey to the Deep Universe By Ibukun Durowoju Ajanlekoko

Since I got to know I am passionate about photography, I learned various things while reading about it. I did an in-depth research to understand the core concept of the photography. How does it work? What does it require to become a professional photographer? and what makes people appreciate some kind of photograph over others which gets rejected? The deep understanding of photography made me connect with it emotionally.

“Photographs are not the piece of digital print, they speak something to you.”

They portray your thought to the viewer and try to take your imagination to the next level. Photos are a more genuine piece of human-made technology that expresses themselves. The sensation can be experienced when you see pictures of your love once. Suddenly the story starts appearing on the scene. It takes you to the journey of the daydreaming and gives you the immense pleasure of the movement that you have spent with your love once. I have seen people who cried when they see their wedding photographs or the picture of their first child born. The photos are bound with the little pieces of the good movement of your life. It encourages you and talks to you when things are not going well in your life. By just looking at the good memories of your past it makes you forget all the pain immediately. It gives you the power to face any kind of challenges.

The learning curve in photography made me effective and I hope you will find it inspiring too.

Here are some of the lessons I have learned by following my photography passion.

  1. Photography is not the random clicks on the camera you must have some thoughts behind the scenes that you are capturing through the camera.
  2. Having patience is essential to becoming a good photographer. In some events, you have to wait for hours to capture one good movement in your camera.
  3. Keep it natural. The word sounds simple but it has more deep thought into it. The natural photography is mostly appreciated by the people. Our brain is quite sharp to recognize unnatural things and this applies to photograph as well. If your brain senses any unnatural things in the photograph, it will instantly reject it. Keeping it natural is crucial for good photography.
  4. You should enjoy what you do. The photography skill should be enjoyed by the photographer. If you are not enjoying it then chances are you will end up bad photos which don’t make any sense. Your mindset will be reflected in the photograph that you have taken. To elevate your photographs passion, you must be savouring it.
  5. Preparation is the basic need for beginning the photography. To take the perfect photo, you should be prepared with the right kind of tools and other important factors such as the place. Photography is the job of professionals who understand the surrounding very well. Professional photographer visualizes everything and judges the outcome before they start actual work. They are good visualizer of their thoughts.
  6. Building good relation with your photo buddies or helper who is helping to take photograph. You might be individual or have a team. Having the right kind of people with you make the process easy. Your buddies will help you to take the right angle and gives you the freedom to focus on taking photos.
  7. Understanding the critics of your images is also part of the research while doing the photography. You need to understand for whom you are taking the pictures. There are several kinds of communities available in the world. See which group will enjoy your photography and keep that in mind while taking the pictures. You have to provide great pleasure to one type community. Do not try to entertain everyone. People who do not have interest watching a particular type of photograph will not respond to your work. Trim down your audience and focus on the small group when you are taking the photographs.
  8. Your perspective defines the object in your pictures. Your viewers are going to interpret the object on the basis of your perspective. You should have a good understanding of the object that you are having in the pictures. Have a good perspective while taking the photograph. The colours, angle of the photograph, objects in the front and background, scenery and your thoughts are some of the factors that define your perspective. Your viewers will try to imagine what you are trying to show them through the photograph. Your perspective will speak with your viewers and convince them to observe the small things available in the photograph.

Difference between a great photo and great photographer?

Today, most of the people all around the world have the good quality digital cameras. Even the high-end smart phones are equipped with the digital cameras. People take more pictures these days. All these pictures are excellent in the digital space, but they lack something that’s why they don’t get reorganization from the audience.

The great photos are not a bunch of random clicks. The professional photographer knows that very well, so they focus on the right movement to click the one picture. The concept of taking the good photograph is boiled down to its list of fundamental.

In my perspective, the photography is real Art. The way the painter put the brush stroke on the blank canvas, similarly the photographer uses his sense to draw the right movement in the picture. You can’t put random brush stroke on the canvas and expect the great Art from it. It has to visualize before you produce the final outcome. Your imagination power plays a big role here. People who do not have imagination power may not become the best photographer.

Pouring feeling into your photos is another important factor of becoming a good photographer. Your taken picture must have some sense of feeling connected to it. Imagine the picture of a little girl resting on the lap of her mom. That bounding of the mom and girl will give the feeling of aliveness to the picture. As a photographer, your job is to capture that feeling in the image. The movement is precious for the Mom and that girl. The one picture can be remembered for life and by looking at those pictures both will recall their past experience. Capturing the right kind of feeling is necessary to make the photo look the best.

The photos are considered great when it has a combination of the right movement in the pictures and the expertise of capturing the action at the right time. The place of the photo and photographer are equally responsible for the best photos. The absence of any of them will kill the essence and the photo will look terrible. What you see through the lens can be captured, so choosing the right spot for the photography is the first step in the process. The rest of the process completely depends on skill and experience of the photographer. Professional photographer generally plans everything on the paper before they go for the actual shoot. They make the plan on some basic questions such as, where? why? what? and how? Once they have all the answers to these questions they create a schedule to experience the actual place. They try to grasp the right movement of the day when the picture will look beautiful in that particular place. The best quality picture is the outcome of great planning and execution.

I feel the photography is underestimated skill in the world. The photography is not that simple it looks. It requires consistent practice and hard work to become the professional photographer. You have to go through the several steps and learning process to have a basic understanding of the photography. It’s a part of lifetime learning and without consistency, it cannot be achieved. The professional photographer spent years of learning and practicing several tools and techniques of getting the best photograph. The photographer has to build the habit of interacting with the prospects. The knowing the objects, colours, exposure and light effects are some of the things which are directly connected to the basics of the photography. There are so many things that involve in the photography which generally ignored by the viewers.

I am glad that I found my passion in my early days of life. It is a completely different experience that I cannot express in the words. The journey of the photography seems science fiction to me. It has no end, only new experience throughout the universe. Holding cameras and pointing to the object gives me deep feeling that rooted in my heart. I hope the journey will mesmerize me at every moment when I am holding my camera in my hand.

If you are willing to follow my journey then feel free to bookmark the website and connect with me to my social media platforms to get the latest update of my recent photographs. I will be sharing most inspiring movement that I have captured through my camera on the website. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and your experience with me. I would love to read your opinions on my shared photos.


  • franca

    February 16, 2018

    wOW, its pick …

  • Jumoke

    April 26, 2018

    Lovely piece… I’ve got to learn few lessons from it.